Credentialing - MTI

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Providing Care You Can Trust

MTI uses credentialing processes to provide our clients a selection of health care professionals who demonstrate backgrounds consistent with delivering high quality, cost-effective health care. We established criteria used to evaluate a provider’s credentials as a foundation for determining a provider’s eligibility and continued appropriateness for MTI’s network.


Maintaining The Highest Standards

MTI requires all network providers to submit a written credentialing application prior to rendering services to or on behalf of MTI. The credentialing committee will request and verify items such as the applicant’s work history, current professional liability insurance, education, board certification (if applicable), history of loss, sanctions or other disciplinary activity. The process also consists of an on-site visit to assess the applicant’s location of practice or facility. MTI maintains the confidentiality of vendor’s information with limited access for each provider through the credentialing process. Providers are expected to remain in compliance with credential criteria at all times.