Quality Assurance Program

Quality Assurance Program

MTI’s Quality Assurance Program is second to none. This level of quality assurance is achieved in a real-time environment ensuring all orders and services are successfully executed. Monitoring the performance, our in-house network developers ensure the MTI network of providers adheres to a professional code of ethics at all times.

Our internal QA program ensures injured worker satisfaction through the following process:

  • Customized technology software managing scheduling confirmation and follow-up after appointment
  • Timely updates to claims professionals via phone and email
  • Telephonic and written performance evaluation surveys to injured worker
  • Management review of survey responses
  • Internal clinical oversight on all complex and catastrophic injuries
  • Multiple point of contact throughout each assignment to ensure the injured worker arrives timely to each appointment and to their final destination
  • All calls are recorded and monitored for quality control
  • Roaming Quality Assurance Agent review and feedback
  • Annual provider meeting

Our service providers are validated through the following:

  • Applicable Licenses (All Providers)
  • Certifications & Accreditations (All Providers)
  • Drug screening attestation (All Providers)
  • Professional CVs (Diagnostics & Home Health)
  • Criminal Background checks performed every 6 months (Transportation & Language)
  • Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR) biannual checks (Transportation)
  • Vehicle Registrations and Roaster (Transportation)
  • Proficiency in both languages (Language services)
  • Knowledge and intimate familiarity with both cultures (Language Services)
  • Industry knowledge and terminology of the subject to be interpreted (Language Services)
  • Professionalism (All Providers)