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Highlights from Leading with Intention

Highlights from Leading with Intention

By: Nikki Jackson, CPCU, ARM, CDMS

I found myself in the zone, writing a piece about the 2nd anniversary from the date the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a virus, when a chirp reminded me to login for an AWWC webinar. Deciding the session, ‘Leading with Intention,’ would be a refreshing break from the loom and gloom, I logged in (if you missed the session, head over to the webinars section of their website).


  • It is important to know your end goal. What is your company’s Purpose? Hint: It shouldn’t be all about money.
  • Speak once and listen twice to ensure engagement and collaboration
  • Understand where the industry is going as a whole
  • Get a mentor and be a mentor. It’s 2022, and there are women in the workplace, so take advantage of their experience and share your own experiences
  • Understand change is consistent and know what is changing in the industry. Pivot when necessary and focus on what you CAN control
  • Leadership is natural, but it can also be learned. Curiosity is an invaluable trait.
  • Take me-time: read, run (my personal favorite), whatever you enjoy, just unplug and recharge
  • Never stop learning. Educate yourself through books, podcasts, mentors, etc.
  • Have self-awareness and be open to feedback

The webinar was a discussion about some of the challenges and trends in the workers’ compensation industry and the presenters were the founding board members of the organization and included Artemis Emsil, Nina Smith, Lisa Hannusch, and Magdalena Alvarez Miller.

Leading with intention is a broad question, so some of the presenters listed what was important to them. A common theme was staying focused on your goals and not getting sucked into distractions (WFH, Great Resignation, COVID-19, etc.) while also being present.

When the panel was asked to talk about passing lessons on to future generations of women, they discussed the importance of mentoring, reaching out to new talent, and sponsoring women.

The panelists were asked to share some of the lessons learned in their careers. They went on to say as women, we tend to be people-pleasers, and we can’t make everyone happy. Advice was given to avoid the shiny penny and refocus on your goals to ensure you lead with intention.

I enjoyed listening to the panelists discuss their transitions into leadership. Did they wake up one morning, knowing they would be leaders one day? I can’t give it all away, so you’ll have to listen to the webinar for yourself, but I can tell you this was not a black and white answer.

Work-life balance was a popular topic, especially in light of the work-from-home environments many were forced into as a result of the pandemic. As women, we have to understand what our needs are (they are all unique) and focus on what makes you fulfilled because that is what provides balance. When working remotely, the lines get blurred because many of us no longer close a physical door. There are going to be times when you have to take a personal call during business hours, but there will also be times when you need to take a call from a client on your personal time. It’s important to be mindful of this and find what works best for you. I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank the moderator, Jennifer Ryon, and my employer, MTI America, for the opportunity to attend.

I speak for many when I say we are looking forward to the next webinar. My sincerest thanks to the Alliance of Women for putting this together.