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Diagnostic Imaging

Making advanced imaging options affordable, accurate, and easily accessible

Through our national comprehensive network of diagnostic imaging facilities and board-certified radiologists, we offer a complete range of services from high-end diagnostic radiology to neuro-diagnostic testing.

We are well prepared for the new world of Radiology Telehealth to deliver a comprehensive range of imaging services to your injured workers.


MRI & CT Scans
Open and closed
With and without contrast
Aging study reports

(Nerve Conduction Studies)



Nuclear Medicine

PET Scans


Bone Density Scans

We’re All About Outcomes
and Measuring Program Performance

Referrals are Scheduled within 10 Miles of their Home or Workplace

Referrals are Scheduled within 24 Hours from Receipt of Referral

Studies Sub-Specialty Read


Diagnostic Providers

Client Retention Rate

The MTI Difference

  • Superior network guarantees the highest quality of film
  • Excellence in clinical oversight ensures successful follow-up visit rates
  • National network of certified EMG specialists
  • Texting program ensures a 55% appointment confirmation compliance rate
  • Diagnostic reports are also easily accessible on MTI’s secured Client Portal
  • Age of injury interpretation
  • Second opinion
  • Teleradiology Network
  • Highly trained team of subspecialized radiologist
  • Digital Delivery Solutions – coming soon

Our Clients Say it Better Than We Do

“Continued praises for MTI and the team members. Diana jumped on this referral and was so extremely helpful in finding a solution in record time. Just love having you guys as a vendor! Thank you again!!!”

Love Having You Guys as a Vendor

“Your focus on best customer support, positive attitude, ability to effectively problem solve and professionalism, make my job as a nurse case manager easier. I appreciate you.”

You Make My Job Easier

“Once again, I cannot tell you what a great job Evy Girardo in Physical Medicine is doing. Even my injured workers comment on what a good experience they had scheduling their PT. In what has to be some of the weirdest and most challenging circumstances to work in, her consistent performance is just that: Consistent.”

Good Customer Service