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Case Studies

MTI’s Homecare Team Saves Carrier

MTI’s Homecare team identified that the injured worker could remain in the comfort of his own home ensuring a healthier patient outcome and significant cost savings.

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MTI’s  Dental Team Saves Carrier

The adjuster was happy with our intervention and expertise on this difficult dental case and we were able to help her manage all aspects of the dental part of the claim. We want to partner with our customers to provide them with our expertise and their directions.

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MTI’s Orthotics & Prosthetics Team Saves Carrier

Tested Patients Muscle: Found a significant difference then was reported by the original Orthotist.

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MTI’s Physical Medicine Team Saves Carrier

The injured worker completed 3 months of therapy and was pain-free, sleeping a full night again, and surgery was no longer a consideration. The injured worker was able to return to work at his premorbid level and position.

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