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Noise-induced hearing loss is the most common occupational disease and the second most self-reported occupational injury

MTI focuses on Custom Designed Hearing Aid Solutions while providing value and cost containment through a matrix of interconnected disciplines while enhancing the injured workers’ quality of life to ensure a successful return to work.

Comprehensive Nationwide Board Certified ENT and Audiology Network
Comprehensive hearing evaluations
Causality auditory processing evaluation
Impairment ratings
Treatment plans and future medical cost projections
Adjustments and assessments
Computerized testing

Audiometric function testing
Second opinions
Hearing aids
Standard and implantable devices
Protective earmolds and retainers
Aid device repair
American Sign Language interpreting assistance

We’re All About Outcomes
and Measuring Program Performance

48 – 72 Hours
Scheduling Initial Evaluation

U.S. – Based Service Model

20 Days
Hearing Aid Fitting from Date of Initial Consultation

60 Day
Satisfaction Period

5 Star
Vendor Rating Program

The MTI Difference

  • Multi-lingual Clinical Specialists with expert knowledge and niche focused expertise in hearing care practices
  • Comprehensive Network of Nationwide Board Certified ENT and Audiology Providers and Licensed Professionals – from city to rural areas
  • Follow-up hearing aid care consisting of cleaning and adjustments – included in the price of the hearing aid
  • Hearing aid fitting to occur within 20 days from date of initial consultation


Audiology, Hearing Aids and the Future of Tele-Audiology in Workers’ Compensation

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Occupational hearing loss is the most common work-related illness in the US.” Did you know that over 22 million workers are exposed to potentially damaging noise each year with 18% resulting in hearing loss? And that number of hearing claims is expected to increase over the coming months and years as more Baby Boomers retire (ages 54-70).

Learn about hearing claims and related issues and learn all about the types of hearing loss claimants are experiencing, the most common causes of hearing loss, noise-induced damage, testing and available treatments, hearing devices, technology, and more.

Our Clients Say it Better Than We Do

“I had the pleasure of working with Renee Espiritu regarding an electric wheelchair. We discussed the needs of the claimant, and she understood. Renee did an excellent job of discussing the claimant’s needs to different vendors and obtaining a reasonable price, and also getting his needs met. Thank you, Renee and MTI”

Meeting the Claimant’s Needs

“Continued praises for MTI and the team members. Diana jumped on this referral and was so extremely helpful in finding a solution in record time. Just love having you guys as a vendor! Thank you again!!!”

Love Having You Guys as a Vendor

“Your focus on best customer support, positive attitude, ability to effectively problem solve and professionalism, make my job as a nurse case manager easier. I appreciate you.”

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