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Our licensed clinical teams and ITC-Integrated care coordinators are passionate about what they do, which is improving the lives of injured employees.

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Equipment and Supplies

Medical Equipment & Supplies

Wheelchairs, Scooters & Accessories

Wheelchairs (various sizes)
Wheelchair ramps
Wheelchair cushions
Scooters (3 & 4 wheel)

Electrotherapy Devices

TENS devices
Galvanic stimulators
Muscle stimulators (NMS)

Post-Op Recovery

Game-ready units
CPM machines
Hot/cold therapy units
Custom bracing

Medical Supplies

Wound care
Urinary & incontinence
Respiratory (CPAP machines)

Orthotics & Prosthetics

Custom fabricated orthotics
Off the shelf orthotics
Custom Fitted Replacement Prosthetics
Therapeutic shoes and Inserts

Traction Equipment

Cervical traction unit
Lumbar traction

Beds & Accessories

Hospital beds (semi & fully electric)
Trapeze bars

Home & Vehicle Modifications

Ramps, lifts, maneuvering space, doorway widening, stairlifts
Kitchen cabinets, countertops, food storage, and utensil access
Bathroom shower grab bars, toilets, tubs, and storage
Vehicle and van conversions
Lifts & trailers

Specialty Medical Equipment

Ambulatory equipment
Bathroom aids-raised toilet seats, safety frame, 3-N-1 Commodes
Custom Rehab Equipment – Standing frames, FES RT Exercise Devices
Standard, Bariatric and Custom Mobility devices (Wheelchair and Scooters)
Cold Therapy & CPM Units
Bone Growth Stimulators
Orthotics-off the shelf or custom fabricated
Prosthetics cosmetic to high-functional prosthesis.
Semi to Full Electric Hospital beds and Specialty Mattresses, Pressure relief


Complex Rehab & Mobility Program

Injured employees with long-term catastrophic injures are often at high risk for developing pressure injuries due to the absence of sensation and inability to reposition themselves to relieve pressure. Our clinical team along with a certified ATP will help determine the right CRT (Complex Rehab Technology) products, physical and functional skills, functional mobility, and address accessibility to home, work, and general transportation.


  • 24/7 Clinical Triage at intake on all Catastrophic /Complex new referrals
  • Dedicated Complex Rehab Coordinator
  • Dedicated Account RN, CRRN Team Lead

Catastrophic & Complex Care Programs

Every complex and catastrophic claim is reviewed and managed by our licensed RN case managers.

Collaboration and communication are essential on a catastrophic claim therefore the injured worker and family are at the center of everything we do.

We’re All About Outcomes
and Measuring Program Performance

2 Hour
Initial Response to Referral

15% – 20%
Below UCR/Fee Schedule Savings


Client Retention Rate

10 Months
Automated DME Rental Conversion to Purchase Price

Decrease in Fall Related Injuries

Local ATP Licensed Provider Network

DMEPOS Annual Compliance

Retrospective Billing

Referrals where the injured worker has already received the DME item undergo MTI’s retrospective invoice review. Once MTI reviews the provider invoice, we negotiate a discount with the provider and pass those savings onto our clients.

  • Offers discounts through a national network of contracted DME providers
  • Produces savings on DME and medical supplies across all 50 states
  • Works through integration with bill review companies

The MTI Difference

  • In-house DME specialists—including respiratory therapist, prosthetists, orthotists, and assistive technology professionals (ATP)—provide better outcomes and successful return-to-work rates
  • A certified specialist reviews high-end prosthetic or orthotic devices to ensure the appropriateness of equipment order and cost-effectiveness
  • ADA-complaint contractors are used for all home and vehicle modifications
  • DVT program addresses the increased cost, broad fulfillment controls, and poor utilization with cold therapy and compression medical devices.
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  • Integration of ODG guidelines
  • Our Hearing Program includes a nationwide board certified ENT and audiology network and comprehensive hearing evaluations

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