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Air & Hotel Accommodations

Making travel choices can be challenging when you’re an injured worker.

Commercial Airline

Wheelchair assistance

Flight classification

Seat preference

Airport preferences

Number of flight stops

Medical escort and medical supplies

Hotel Accommodations

3+ star hotels with complimentary breakfast and handicapped accessibility

Centrally located between injured worker’s appointments


Customized Itinerary & Travel Arrangements

A complete breakdown of the entire package

Airline departure dates and times

All confirmation numbers and booking identifications

Hotel confirmations with check-in date, check-out date, and times

Ground transportation pick-up date, drop-off date, time, and locations

Meal Vouchers

Our Clients Say it Better Than We Do

“I had the pleasure of working with Renee Espiritu regarding an electric wheelchair. We discussed the needs of the claimant, and she understood. Renee did an excellent job of discussing the claimant’s needs to different vendors and obtaining a reasonable price, and also getting his needs met. Thank you, Renee and MTI”

Meeting the Claimant’s Needs

“Continued praises for MTI and the team members. Diana jumped on this referral and was so extremely helpful in finding a solution in record time. Just love having you guys as a vendor! Thank you again!!!”

Love Having You Guys as a Vendor

“Your focus on best customer support, positive attitude, ability to effectively problem solve and professionalism, make my job as a nurse case manager easier. I appreciate you.”

You Make My Job Easier