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The conventional approach to Physical Medicine is seeing rocketed healthcare costs and often results in fragmented care.

Our vision is simple… provide collaborative, compassionate, informative care across the care continuum to everyone involved in the circle of care.

Physical Medicine

Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)
Certified Hand Therapy
Work Conditioning
Work Hardening
Aquatic Therapy
Pre-surgery Therapy
Speech Therapy

Occupational Medicine

Fine Motor Skills
Visual-Motor Control
Sensory Issues


Choose telerehab, choose health at your own convenience

Access telerehab services (physical therapy treatment) right from the comfort of your home or office at any time that suits your routine.

We’re All About Outcomes
and Measuring Program Performance

48 – 72 Hours
TAT from RX to Evaluation

Decrease in Claims Duration Utilizing MTI360 Care Technology

Decrease in IE No-Shows Connecting Transport & Translate with Physical Therapy Services

Program Success Rate


10 Years
Average OT/PT Hands-On Experience

The MTI Difference

  • Unified Platform
  • Telerehabilitation Program
  • MTI360 Integrated Care Model
  • Automated ODG Benchmarks
  • In-House Legislative Compliance Team
  • Connected Care Cost Containment Program
  • MD/PT communication
  • Home Recovery Plan
  • Injury Prevention & Training
  • Ergonomics

Case Study

MTI’s Physical Medicine Team Saves Carrier

The injured worker completed 3 months of therapy and was pain-free, sleeping a full night again, and surgery was no longer a consideration. The injured worker was able to return to work at his premorbid level and position.

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