MTI Telerehabilitation Update - MTI

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MTI Telerehabilitation Update

We recognize that continuation of care and not missing appointments are critical to recovery.

“While following the CDC precautions should significantly mitigate risk, allowing workers to alternatively access Telerehab services will allow everyone to continue to progress in their recovery while maintaining peace of mind,” says Matthew Landon, CSO.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cancellation rates are currently between 10% to 25%, varying by geography. Telerehab is expected to help decrease the cancellation rate and keep workers progressing with their therapy.

In response, we are immediately offering services to any injured worker who expresses any concern about in-person rehabilitation due to the Coronavirus. No additional authorization is needed. The worker can choose to transfer back to in-person care at any time. Please contact MTI if you do not wish to offer Telehrehab and want to make other arrangements.

To learn more about Telerehbilitation visit: