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Workers’ Compensation Talent Shortage

A Study on Brand Awareness, Onboarding, and Professional Development

This is the largest, scholarly, exploratory study conducted on talent attraction and retention in the workers’ compensation industry!  Participants included 140 workers’ compensation adjusters and 432 college students across the United States.

Four research questions were created to guide the investigation of talent attraction and retention strategies in the workers’ compensation industry.

RQ1: How important is brand awareness in evaluating company culture when college students seek employment?

RQ2: How do claims professionals value the importance of a formal onboarding training program which teaches the new hire how to set up and manage a workers’ compensation claim from the first report to closure?

RQ3: Do claims professionals have higher loyalty if employers offer professional development programs?

RQ4: When reflecting on their career, do claims professionals feel their tenure is impacted by formal onboarding and professional development programs?

This study allows the reader to evaluate their own talent and retention strategies and provides recommendations for the workers’ compensation industry.  Read on to learn more!

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