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We know that it is through empathy – through understanding and compassion, we will effect change and empower our clients to provide better patient care.

Who We Help

  • Insurance Carriers
  • Self-Insured Employers
  • Third-Party Administrators
  • State Funds
  • Case Management Companies

Point of Care Solutions That Meet Your Needs


Time trusted, credentialed proprietary ambulatory, wheelchair, and air transport networks & inner-city ride share programs.

Language Services

In-house certified medical, legal interpreters decrease costs & increase trust.

Physical Medicine

ODG and OCOEM guidelines met and exceeded in 100% of MTI’s Physical Therapy referrals.

Home & Catastrophic Care

Tailored Catastrophic Care Solutions that Drive Better Decision Making in the Claims Process.

Durable Medical Equipment

Collaborative clinical oversight with prosthetist and certified clinicians.

Diagnostic Imaging

Same-day scheduling on most new referrals.

Dental Services

Detailed documentation by in-house hygienist addressing the dental injury.

Hearing Programs

Nationwide Board-certified ENT Auditory Network.

Self-Administered IV Infusion

Medical Management Report: Self-Administered IV Infusion Offers Numerous Benefits, Few Risks?

Self-administered IV infusion, or home infusion therapy, is an increasingly popular and accepted practice among medical professionals and patients.

Are You Risking Unnecessary Time and Expense on Claims with Hearing Impaired Employees?

Are You Risking Unnecessary Time and Expense on Claims with Hearing Impaired Employees?

Hearing loss impairs and disrupts interpersonal communications and interferes with quality of life on many levels, but especially for communications relating to medical care.

5 Valuable Reasons to Use VRI in Workers’ Comp Right Now

5 Valuable Reasons to Use VRI in Workers’ Comp Right Now

When you consider the entire population of LEP workers, though, a common misconception is that non-English speaking workers speak primarily Spanish.

What Clients are Saying About MTI Employees

“No matter when I call MTI, Tatiana is there to schedule my appointments. She has the best customer service and can schedule and reschedule the appointments in a short time frame.” --- Kimberly A., Adjuster

Tatiana Miranda - Confirmation Specialist

“It is such a pleasure to work with you. You are always kind, professional, and 10 steps ahead preventing issues. You are the best of the best. I appreciate all of your hard work! You make my job easy!” --- Jamie D., Medical Consultant Medical Management & Re-Employment

Lela Holder, RN, BSN, CCM - Nurse Case Manager

“I wanted to let you know that I am impressed by the service provided by Francisco. I gave him a last-minute travel arrangement request, and he was on top of it!! He followed up with me several times, calling and emailing until the travel arrangements were confirmed. Very professional and knowledgeable. Working with Francisco was by far the easiest thing I did all day. Based on the service provided by Francisco, I will be calling MTI next time I need any of the services your organization offers.” --- Patricia G., Senior Claims Examiner

Francisco Olmeda - Travel Accommodations Specialist