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MTI Expands Services to Include Post-Acute Care

MTI Expands Services to Include Post-Acute Care

Pompano Beach, Fla – 10/12/2021 – MTI America is the industry’s leader and pioneer in transportation and translation services. Since their inception nearly 30 years ago, they expanded these services to provide a 360-degree approach to care covering physical medicine, home health, catastrophic care, telehealth, DME, diagnostics, dental, and hearing.

The premise of the 360-degree approach is to reduce the ever-present obstacles and adversarial perceptions that arise when an injured worker’s care is divided among a team of disparate providers offering various services. Working with MTI, a claims adjuster or nurse can make one phone call to a care coordinator and tell them about the patient and the circumstances. In response, and for example, MTI can secure an appointment for diagnostic imaging, assign a physical therapist, and coordinate transportation and translation services.

Using MTI’s Hospital Discharge Program as another example, valued clients were seeing favorable outcomes when utilizing MTI’s complex care division which provides end–to-end communication with MTI’s clinical oversight team from hospital discharge through recovery.

However, a recent surge in MTI’s hospital discharge program unveiled an opportunity in their 360-degree approach as it was primarily geared to patients being discharged to a residence. There are many cases where a patient requires a higher level of care, like after a hospital admission or perhaps post-procedure at an ambulatory surgery center. Likewise, patients with a decline in functional status and/or ADLs may also require this higher level of care. These patients may be placed at a skilled nursing facility, inpatient rehab, long-term acute care, assisted living, or require home health care. Collectively, let us refer to this as post-acute care, a service nearly 155,000 injured workers require each year.

MTI quickly realized the need to expand their services and their provider network team went to work to meet the needs of their clients and patients. As a result, MTI is proud to launch the addition of the Post-Acute Care Program to their 360-degree approach with over 6K providers and affiliated providers in almost every jurisdiction.

The Post-Acute Care Program offers the customary MTI differentiators their clients have come to expect and love – clinical oversight with a single point-of-contact,  end-to-end communication, transparency, and coordination of transportation from the hospital to the post-acute facility. If a translator is needed, they have that covered, too.  And if the patient is discharged home, MTI coordinates getting the supplies, equipment, transportation, translation, or whatever else is needed to get the patient situated at home – even on nights and weekends.

This addition of a nationwide network of post-acute care providers allows MTI to help all parties achieve good outcomes. The addition also serves to aid in MTI’s mission to help our clients return their injured workers to a happy healthy, and productive lifestyle.

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