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MTI Develops Proprietary Transportation & Translation App for Work Comp Clients

Pompano Beach, FL- MTI America, a leading provider of workers’ compensation ancillary services, announced the development of a web-based proprietary transportation and translation App enabling real-time tracking, ease of scheduling, rapid reporting and transparency in billing.

MTI developed this App for their transportation and translation services because of the synergistic relationship between the two services. MTI found that a high volume of their translation referrals required transportation services – so it was a natural fit. Clients can access the reporting and tracking features through the MTI Client Portal. Transportation and Translation vendors access the application for route assignments and trip status updates through the MTI Provider Portal.

Application highlights include:

  • Smart phone access
  • Transportation and translation appointment tracking in real time whether scheduled via smartphone or by traditional means such as phone, fax or email
  • Confirmation of trip/appointment completion in real time
  • Transportation and translation service reports available immediately after trip completion
  • Real time updates on driver/translator status
  • Dashboard access to service reports

“We remain committed to developing innovative technology platforms that will help our clients achieve their cost containment goals while ensuring the best possible health outcomes for their injured workers,” said Cem Kus, CEO and Co-founder of MTI. “We develop our technologies based on customer need.”

The MTI transportation and translation app is the latest in a series of innovative technologies being launched by MTI in 2017/2018 that will change the way workers compensation ancillary services are administered and create a more seamless and time saving experience for claims professionals.