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Physical Medicine

Integrated Ancillary Solutions Just Got Better

Our Physical and Occupational programs provide the right provider at the right time.

Our distinct advantage of providing transportation & language services for over two decades ensures timely scheduling and patient adherence.

Unique highlights to our program include:

  • 89% of injured workers scheduled same day. Many within two hours.
  • Real time compliance & oversight
  • 5-star rating system technology
  • Decrease in no-shows
  • 82% of initial reports submitted within 48 – 72 hours of visit
  • Scheduling facility closest from work to home (within a 20 mile radius)
  • U.S. Based Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy networks for 25 years and running


Telerehabilitation engagement that achieves physical
and occupational therapy intended outcomes.

Our patient centered musculoskeletal telerehab care delivers:

  • Easy user-friendly video therapy sessions
  • Personalized one-on-one therapy sessions with a licensed PT/OT
  • Decreased anxiety and absenteeism
  • Eliminate transport costs
  • Customized physical therapy from extensive exercise video library
  • Measurable screening tools and compliance monitoring
  • HIPPA Compliant with encrypted end to end security and privacy
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Comprehensive Return to Work Focused Plan of Care

Physical Medicine

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)
  • Certified Hand Therapy
  • Work Conditioning
  • Work Hardening
  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Pre-surgery Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Ergonomic Workstation Assessments - both standing and sitting
  • Gait Training
  • Home Exercise Programs
  • Impairment Ratings
  • Manual Therapy (including soft tissue and joint mobilization)
  • Massage Therapy
  • Therapeutic Activities & Exercises
  • Vestibular Therapy

Occupational Medicine

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Handwriting
  • Visual Motor Control
  • Sensory Issues

Industrial Services

  • Post Injury Causation Studies
  • Ergonomic Analysis
  • Job Site Analysis
  • Physical Agility Testing
  • Work Task Analysis
  • Wellness Programs
  • Safe lifting/Critical Behavior Program

Supporting the Continuum of Care Through Automation

Our best in class customized physical medicine platform provides automation from scheduling to invoicing. Features include state fee schedule rule notification, scheduling, expirations, proprietary reporting capability, no-shows, and client-specific rules to name a few.


It's challenging to manage physical medicine programs without clear, efficient communication and compliance...

Our providers undergo extensive credentialing and screening processes prior to joining our network and re-credential every two years thereafter. Credentialing requirements include accreditation such as CARF, JACHO, PT and NCQA. Approximately 10% of providers each year undergo random competency audit procedures for physical therapists and assistants. Based on these and other reviews, our providers are rated with a 2-5 star scale and tracked within our system. No service provider with less than three stars is utilized.