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MTI America Celebrates 30 Years

POMPANO BEACH, FL (January 11, 2022) – In 1992, a nurse case manager found herself working on her catastrophic workers’ compensation caseload and realized there was a problem in the industry: Patients needed reliable transportation to and from their claims-related appointments.

This nurse was likely sporting a scrunchie and quietly listening to Madonna’s newly released album in the background while brainstorming solutions. Meanwhile, a businessman with a reliable vehicle and entrepreneurial spirit had a vision.  Together, they found the solution that is now MTI America.

As the original pioneer of transport and translation solutions, we understood 30 years ago the patient’s experience mattered.  Today, we understand connected, quality care delivers greater value for everyone.

That’s exactly why on this 30th day of March, we commemorate our 30th anniversary by highlighting our state-of-the-art platform, MTi360.

In celebration of MTI’s 30th anniversary, we surveyed our employees about MTI’s culture.

Why did you join the MTI family?

Employees commented that when they entered the building to interview and saw smiling, friendly faces made them feel comfortable and brushed away the nerves of their first interview. During the interview, applicants learn that MTI values its employees’ well-being and professional development, which inspires them to grow their careers with MTI.

MTI America Employees SHINE.

MTI America’s employees are passionate about what they do and we receive regular feedback about how their work positively impacts the lives of others. We understand how powerful your words are, especially when praising employees for a job well done. Recognizing our employees at the right time with the right words, impacts not only the employee receiving the compliment, but is often contagious throughout our organization.

Giving Back

At MTI America, we want to be more than just a business, we want to support good causes far and wide.

We’re always on the lookout for new charities to support, as well as new opportunities to raise money and help spread the joy ourselves.

As we reflect back on the past several years, we’re proud to say MTI has, and will continue to, embrace a culture of charitable giving, one that’s helping to bring about positive change in tough situations all around the country.

When Cem and Janet founded MTI in 1992, they were already big believers in the power of charity. So, it was only natural that once their company was established, they would channel their passion for giving through their business to create a real force for change.

“We invest in charities both with our finances and with our time,” says Janet Kus, President, and co-founder, who helped spearhead MTI’s charitable giving. “Giving is such an integral part of who we are. We regularly find new charitable opportunities to invest in to help make change happen. As we commemorate our 30th anniversary, we’ll be challenging our employees to continue to raise awareness for charities they feel passionate about.”